Red Pill Reality and the QEG (Quantum Electric Generator)

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A recent segment on Riscalla’s Red Pill Reality internet radio show uncovers the rest of the QEG story. In March of 2014 documentation was publicly released by Fix the World organization claiming that free energy technology was now available to anyone willing to build it themselves.  The organization proclaimed all was opened sourced, shared and transparent.  So, was that really the case?  After listening to the interview with Timothy Thrapp, spokesperson for WITTS Ministries, it seems all was not as it appeared. Listen for yourself below:

Timothy Thrapp interview – QEG
Red Pill Reality Show – Riscalla
“Recently the ‘Fix the World’ organization released drawings and information regarding the QEG (Quantum Electric Generator) and claiming that it was invented by them. This is not accurate nor honest. This technology was taught to them by WITTS Ministries. We discuss the reality of this technology and the possible dangers associated with it as well.” – Riscalla

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  1. Jim  May 22, 2014

    Hello, you mentioned in this show that “his daughter” said on a Youtube video that her father had invented this device. As far as any thing I’ve ever seen they have always claimed that they got this from WITTS. Do you have a link to the Youtube video?

    • admin  May 22, 2014

      Here is the video that was likely referred to in the interview:

      “The inventor of the QEG is my stepfather James Robitaille.” – HopeGirl

      This seems pretty unambiguous.

      • Jim  May 22, 2014

        Your right. I’m surprised because they do mention WITTS, and thank them for the info. in one of their documents that they put out on how to build it.

        One more thing, SirT also mentions 31:17 that we should study the website and build the free stuff. I have spent about an hour clicking on the last 95 shows in the archives and I cannot find even 1 thing that I can build.
        I’m sure you are probably busy, but may be you can remember a show where this is available. He says “there is a lot of free stuff that is very safe that you can build”. I would think that in 95 shows I could find even one.

        Respectfully, Jim

        • admin  May 22, 2014

          Jim, I think one thing Sir T may be referring to was the pyramid or pyramid grid technology for use with certain food preservation. Also there have been show(s) about mileage boosters for your automobile, very simple gardening techniques to conserve water improve yield, etc. Somewhere along the way there was a show or two explaining some of the details of a refrigeration condenser/evaporator system design as a high horsepower motor. As it relates to Dominant (or quantum) energy, more has been disclosed about that subject in the last 18 months than the entire time I’ve been following WITTS.
          And of course… Sir T also speaks about implementation of the most powerful technology known, that being the power of God.

          • Jim  May 22, 2014

            Thank you for your reply.

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