Someone’s got to do it. Right?

Enlightened Technology was founded in September of 2009 in response to a basic need to educate the public and promote breakthrough technologies that address critical challenges to our long term sustainability on the planet. Although many relevant technologies have been discovered over the previous century, those most significant were effectively suppressed by various factors including governmental national security, powerful industry, and a society who’s education and beliefs do not allow for the existence of advanced devices.

Indeed, one’s own framework of beliefs is seemingly the biggest obstacle yet to overcome before new energy can proliferate into the homes of people everywhere. To educate and open the mind, even slightly, will lead the way toward fundamental shifts in technology, prosperity and abundance.

Our Vision

    • To raise awareness of leading methods in energy technology, eliminating need for fuel or weather conditions,
    • To enhance the quality of life for all of humanity and the planet’s fragile ecosystems,
    • To produce this leading edge technology free of corporate profiteering, political control, or corruption,
    • To distribute these New Technologies viably to the public, at affordable cost to all,
    • To save substantial dollars, reducing “dirty” electricity, by adopting green power made right at home.
    • To remain a grassroots, co-operative, public initiative, managed, funded, and maintained as such.

No more “business as usual”.

Enlightened Technology isn’t about benefiting a corporation, board members or stock holders. There’s much more at stake. These “business fictions” are counter-productive to our ongoing evolution. Profits to enrich the few at the expense of many is no longer acceptable as we experience the fallout of just such a system. We must take responsibility and expedite the changes needed to live on planet earth for the longer term. The sooner this transition happens, the better for all of us and all things interconnected.

We are currently making preparations for building a new demonstration machine to be used for public awareness and additional exposure. Please help us make it happen!

A few words from the founder…

  • Spark gap study

    Spark gap study

    Ever since I was a kid I’ve been interested in mechanical and electrical machines. Early on I took to building all sorts of projects; mini-bike, go kart, dune buggy, and even helped my dad assemble a color television back in the 1960’s. I loved science and math and always did well in the school science fair. When the the very first single board microcomputers became available in the ’70s I taught myself programming, eventually procuring a job as a video game developer. That was only the beginning of my ongoing journey as entrepreneur in the tech industry and led me to co-founding one of the largest regional internet providers in the US.

    In 2001 I began a personal journey to rediscover my childhood hero – Nikola Tesla. I read everything I could find on this amazing inventor. I read about countless other inventors and scientists, many of whom also built remarkable machines over the last 100 years… …even machines requiring no fuel to run.

    Brandt/Tesla Switch

    Brandt/Tesla Switch

    Now, after many years of full time research working directly with scientists and engineers involved in hands-on development, I came to realize and finally know – we have had technologies over the last century (likely much longer) that could solve many of the problems facing our modern society. Additionally, I came to an understanding of why these devices were not available to the public and what needed to happen so that everyone can reap the benefits.

    Capacitive plasma discharge

    Capacitive plasma discharge

    Since 2001 I’ve worked researching, experimenting, and developing devices that demonstrated without a doubt, highly efficient fuelless power supplies are practical for use in the home. With the help of a group of highly dedicated scientists and engineers, it is our mission to bring this wonderful technology to light. Ultimately the application of this technology can completely replace the worldwide dependence on fuel to generate electricity. Also providing a much needed alternative to expensive renewable energy sources such as solar panels and windmills.

    We need your help! Please take time to read the material accompanying our website and get involved by sharing the message and donating to the cause. I personally want to thank you in advance for taking interest in our work!

    –Tim Martin
    Resonant phase shift

    Resonant phase shift

    Multiphase Motor Drive Electronics

    Multiphase Motor Drive Electronics