WITTS Overunity Independent Verifications (1 of 2)

Two clips begin with an address by high technology entrepreneur Tim Martin. Tim has a wealth of practical experience with the research and development of working overunity devices. He expresses his amazement here however, at how far Sir Timothy Thrapp and WITTS Ministries have gone, in terms of the full development of practical quantum energy machines.

Tim is followed up by hands on engineer Olin Geiser. Olin gives a similar testimony to Tim, but carries the added authority of having been directly engaged by WITTS Ministries to develop and build the electronic controllers which manage the operation of a number of their advanced energy machines.

WITTS Overunity Independent Verifications (2 of 2)

2 additional independent engineers coming forward to make public statements confirming the legitimacy of WITTS fueless energy generators, motors, heaters, etc. This clip includes independent engineer Chuck Quiner and Steve Smith who have both thoroughly examined devices at WITTS and verified them to be working overunity machines. Both Chuck and Steve were so impressed they joined the cause and volunteered to do what they could to spread the message of this humanitarian effort.

It is important that these technologies become mass produced since they involve details that are not easily duplicated without advanced equipment. Just as the fabrication of the first semiconductors required specialized equipment, quantum energy machines will need new infrastructure to become affordable for all.

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