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Recently Timothy Thrapp gave an interesting short demonstration of a 12 volt battery exhibiting an unusual quality. The battery was connected to a 12V incandescent light bulb as a load. Simultaneously, WITTS’ charger/quickener/rejuvenator was connected and set to recharge the same battery.

Here is a diagram of the setup:

The remarkable aspect of this demonstration is:

  • Power to the lamp is 1.9 amps
  • Power to the battery from the charger is 1.4 amps
  • The battery is slowly rising in voltage

More power is being used by the load than that being delivered to the battery. Yet the battery continues to increase in charge.

The explanation for this behavior stems from the way in which the charger conditions the battery after successive charge cycles. The internal construction becomes conducive toward attracting ambient energy where it can be utilized by electrical devices.

Although not all batteries accommodate becoming overly efficient like the one in this demonstration. What is important is the realization that extra energy is available to be harnessed when novel methods are put into practice.

Timothy Thrapp is spokesperson for World Improvement Through The Spirit Minstries (WITTS). More information can be found here: www.WITTS.ws

Battery Charger / Quickener / Rejuvenator

Battery Charger / Quickener / Rejuvenator

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