What’s a christian ministry have to do with new technology?

To some it may seem a bit unusual to be speaking about a ministry in the same breath as high-tech quantum energy machines. Besides, what does this have to do with Enlightened Technology?

Well, there is a story behind all this…

The short version is:

WITTS Ministries is an organization of world-class engineers, scientists and servants of God and humanity. They have a lengthy, although obscure, history of groundbreaking discoveries going back to the day of Michael Faraday who founded the organization. Notables such as Nikola Tesla, Nathan Stubblefield and John Keely were among their ranks known only as “The Ministry” for many years. Who better to seek out for solutions than those who have already brought remarkable technologies to the planet.

Many so-called intellectuals indoctrinated by institutional science dogma are reluctant to seriously consider the aspect of a divine presence in all things. Regardless, some of the world’s biggest technology breakthroughs came from those who also had more than a casual interest in God. Indeed, Tesla and Faraday were both men of significant spiritual insight.

As my own good friend often reminded me,

  • Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water!

World Improvement Through The Spirit Ministries is a christian organization guided by a small group of elders each with their own expertise, experience, and of course, spiritual guidance (or intuition).

Consider helping their important work by making a contribution or simply pass on the information about the amazing solutions to many of the problems facing the planet’s eco systems and human sustainability.

For those who don’t mind a longer read:

For a brief summary of how Enlightened Technology came to be involved with WITTS Ministries, here’s the lowdown…

  • Back in 2001 when I began serious research into the realm of Nikola Tesla and his remarkable works, information was just beginning to appear on the internet revealing an assortment of people and groups who had similar interests and enthusiasm. Many of these folks were around for many years prior and had established contacts with others over the years. Borderland Sciences was one of the first organizations I ran across that provided a vast assortment of Tesla related reference materials along with others involved in alternative science.

    After receiving some videos, books, pamphlets, etc., I decided to contact some of the people mentioned in the materials and speak directly with those who had been researching much longer. It wasn’t long before I became convinced that some of these folks were not only telling me about remarkable machines, but indeed they weren’t making this up. In fact, many were willing to share information because few would listen with an open mind. Many “intelligent” people would simply dismiss these stories out of hand since they couldn’t possibly be true.

    Carl Tilley standing next to his charging system.

    Carl Tilley standing next to his battery charging system.

    It was 2002 when I ran across a fellow named Tilley who claimed to have built a self-charging all electric sports car using a converted De Lorean. Supposedly this vehicle would charge it’s own battery bank while being driven down the road. A demonstration was scheduled for the public and the media in Tennessee at the Nashville speedway. It wasn’t long before I was on the road headed to see the event for myself.

    The first interesting facet of the event was the morning of the demonstration. Even though this had been publicized in the Nashville newspaper, hardly anyone was there to witness the spectacle. Here we were to see history being made, a fuelless electric vehicle making laps on this massive race track, and virtually no one shows up. That was an eye opener for sure.

    DeLorean outfitted with charging device.

    DeLorean outfitted with charging device.

    What happened next was not at all what I had come to see. After much delay, the De Lorean came out of the pits and started its journey around the oval track. A number of laps take place, then back to the pits to swap drivers. Again round and round the track. Then back to the pits. After a long while, the announcement is made that the demonstration has been scrubbed due to mechanical failures with one of the De Lorean’s wheel bearings.

    There was much more about this adventure regarding Tilley and the De Lorean but it will have to wait for another time. What ultimately became the most remarkable thing from that trip was meeting a handful of other researchers, some of whom lived in my area back in Texas. Indeed this was where my education about how the world really works began in earnest. I had finally started developing my own network of alternative thinkers. Most were around long before I started out on my quest.

    One of my many new friends wrote this book.

    One of my many new friends wrote this book.

    Many of my new found friends were working on different projects themselves and my old friends wouldn’t believe much of what I came to know about. I can’t really fault them, for they weren’t having the direct experience I was. To see, touch and experience first hand is much more convincing than reading an internet post or hearing it from someone. I found myself becoming alienated from the old world I knew, and constantly searching for additional info on all the things I found were not what they seemed.

    My research into Tesla had brought me to realize “free energy” was not only possible, but it had already been done. What I hadn’t seen coming was the can of worms that proceeded to open containing a host of subjects that were all interrelated and many times not corresponding with what I was taught during my public education.

    Coil testing on Muller Motor/Generator

    Coil testing on Muller Motor/Generator

    At this point, I began working on replicating a promising energy technology I had studied at length, permanent magnet motors. I was fortunate to meet up with a very knowledgeable inventor from Canada who’s focus was magnets and powerful magnet motors – Bill Muller. With his guidance and the further assistance of his daughter and an open minded investor, work began in earnest to design and fabricate the inventor’s prior work. Although Bill passed on shortly after getting started, for six years various prototypes of all sorts were built. Many tests were performed and much was learned first hand. It was confirmed there are indeed methods of producing energy that exceed the required input of the system. The experience gained by designing and building these machines is not to be underestimated.

    Timothy Thrapp, spokesperson for WITTS Ministries

    Timothy Thrapp, spokesperson for WITTS Ministries

    In 2009 things took a turn. As I often attempted to keep current on alternative developments, I came across a YouTube video of a fellow having an Amish looking beard demonstrating a generator that produced power to not only run a load, but have enough extra to run itself. I had learned never judge a book by its cover and proceeded to make contact.

    After speaking to this fellow for the first time, I had a sense that he knew much more about the nature of these devices than anyone I had come across before. Indeed, I became fascinated with his explanation of different devices and his in-depth knowledge on so many of them.

    It wasn’t long before I was off to visit WITTS for myself and meet Timothy Thrapp in person. Sir T (as I call him these days) was patient with my questions and gave me a tour of the modest lab. The machines and experiments he revealed, although sometimes not glossy and polished, were solid examples of new energy tech.

    Another working delay line generator prototype

    Another working delay line generator prototype

    At this point there was a choice to be made. Do I continue to pursue re-inventing the free energy wheel myself, or do I help someone else who’s already done all the work. With many hours of conversation under my belt with Sir T, seeing for myself the motivations of the WITTS organization, and speaking with others who had involvement in past demonstrations and prototype development, the choice became clear.

    So Enlightened Technology was brought to life with the goal of bringing forward to others the awareness of technology that’s been hidden for centuries. Since its initial launch, ET has been tuning the message and our function.

    It hasn’t been particularly easy to navigate the landscape of preconceived ideas and perceptions. One particularly acute challenge is to address the apprehension of some of our audience about the seemingly incompatibility of christian teachings and contemporary high tech development. After dialog with WITTS about this, it became apparent the values the ministry embraced, were completely in alignment with what nearly everyone on the planet would agree. I would suggest anyone having questions about the goals of WITTS Ministries, please read their Mission Statement. In my opinion, there are few things on Earth that are more important. Indeed, it might be more appropriate to ask why big business couldn’t learn a few things from our friends at WITTS Ministries.

    –Tim Martin