Nascent Iodine Liquid

100-day supply, suggested minimum donation of $200 USD

Assists with protection of the Thyroid gland from radioactive iodine usually ingested after contact with nuclear contaminated materials.

The Thyroid gland needs iodine to work properly, and if it has absorbed enough already, is far less likely to absorb radioactive iodine.

Unlike Potassium Iodide (KI), this pure form of Nascent Iodine can be taken continuously, and absorbs much quicker into the body.

Fibrocystic disease of the breast has been associated with low iodine in studies.

Many decades ago, Iodine used to be a staple in the US food supply but  has been replaced by bromides and flouridated compounds, many of which cause endocrine disruption, hormonal disorders, and many other problems in people.  Those are just a few reasons why many health professionals recommend good iodine supplementation on a regular basis.

Also good for many other things.

Includes free 20 minute health and healing consultation on how to best utilize this gift.

$200 Suggested Minimum Donation (includes shipping) – #WSNI
Nascent Iodine Liquid, includes 20 minute health and healing consultation.
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