Quantum Energy - The future of energy production. No longer is it necessary to be dependent upon nonrenewable, intermittent, or expensive solutions. Quantum technology enables fuelless power generation.
Clean abundant power where it's needed. Clean water, clean air, and clean soil will benefit everyone and everything.
Organization - If we expect things to be different in the future, we'll need to stop doing what we've always done. Paradigm changing technologies require new ways of doing business.

An all encompassing ambient energy that's all around us, in air, in space, and in all matter. Think of the trillions of atoms on the point of a needle. All of these atoms have electrons zooming around at the speed of light! On the other end of the spectrum, planets in the solar system orbit our sun and all the other star systems and galaxies in space are traveling at fantastic velocities. Where does this energy come from? How do we harness the same energy source?


Consider a few brush strokes of color pigment on an empty white canvas. An observer would typically describe in detail the qualities of the colorful brush strokes, when in actuality color is an aspect of the light reflecting off of the canvas. Any changes to the structure of fibers and brightness of a canvas will create coherent patterns and radical color shifts, completely independent of the existing pigment.

Much like color is an aspect of light, electricity is an aspect of energy that is contained within all matter, and in all parts of the Universe. Temporarily changing the qualities of the quantum field, allows the existing energy of matter to begin to flow like electricity with their surrounding particles. The result is a flow from one state of energy, to another.

Quantum fields are the patterns that determine how energy should be expressed at the atomic, subatomic and molecular levels. Similar to how the painting of a canvas determines which color the pigment will reveal on the canvas.


A new disipline is likely to emerge as one of the most important of the 21st century. Quantum engineering can not only lead to remarkable advances in energy production, but improvement in all areas of our existence.

As we become more knowledgeable about the workings of our reality, we'll be able to transform the current paradigm of lack into one of abundance. Truly amazing breakthoughs for our long term sustainability are just around the corner once application of quantum principles are practiced across a broader community of engineers and scientists.


Like most languages, energy is not translated with 100% efficiency from one type to another. Unlike common methods of producing electric power, quantum technologies can translate universal energy to usable electricity with very little loss.

Though very subtle, universal quantum energy surrounds us everywhere throughout space and time. As many scientists agree, energy can be neither created nor destroyed, but only changed in form - precisely how quantum power generation takes place.


"Coexistensive and coeternal with space and duration, there exists an infinite and unchangeable quantity of atomoles, the base of all matter; these are in a state of constant vibratory motion, infinite in extent, unchangeable in quantity, the initial of all forms of energy." - John Worrell Keely, 1894

"Throughout space there is energy. Is this energy static or kinetic! If static our hopes are in vain; if kinetic - and this we know it is, for certain - then it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the wheelwork of nature." - Nikola Tesla, 1892

In times past, new scientific and technical knowledge was often ridiculed or dismissed if it challenged the ideas and understandings of the day. The Wright brothers had been flying for many years prior to their flights being reported in mainstream press or acknowledged by scientist and engineers.
Many breakthroughs which led to current quantum technologies came in the late 1800's from names such as Tesla, Stubblefield, Keely and others who are often forgotten in our current popular history.


Quantum electrical generation is completely safe. Devices are small and can be self-contained within a building or outside in a small secured enclosure. Not only does it eliminate rising future energy costs, but provides reliable electricity on demand, independant from grid failures.

It is also possible for urban environments to benefit from the shared output of many units connected to common wiring. Sometime in the future, capacity could even be distributed wirelessly between stations to further protect against downtime of individual installations.


Imagine eliminating fuel costs. Quantum electrical generation requires no input fuel of any type.

No sun. No wind. No gas.

It derives power directly from the quantum field.

With no fuel, you also eliminate costly side effects of existing technology - the pollution and environmental degradation caused by drilling, transport and infrastructure impact.


Quantum energy is 100% renewable and sustainable.

It creates no wastes, pollution or emissions. It needs no exotic materials and can be fabricated from resources used in common household appliances. Some applications without moving parts can generate power non-stop for years with virtually no maintenance.

Solar and wind power are intermittent sources of electricity since the wind doesn't always blow nor does the sun always shine. They typically have significantly less capacity than centralized power plants and require vast amounts of land to produce comparable power.

"I have personally witnessed 20 MEGAWATTS of electrical energy being produced from the quantum. ZERO FUEL! ZERO POLLUTION! And the device producing the power was no bigger than a chest of drawers!" - Electrical Engineer PhD, and assistant director of research for IBM

Reclaimation on a Global Scale:

Fresh water (lakes, rivers, water table)
Industrial Waste
Contaminated Soils
Space Junk
Radioactive Waste
Air Pollution
Electronics Recycling

The state of the world economy relies on consumption of a constant stream of finite resources with little considerations of future need or the environment. As resources begin to dwindle, fair trade policies are sidelined in favor of political and military conquest.

Adopting new methods of producing INFINITE amounts of energy will create opportunities for developing new processes that enable resources to be reused indefinitely without the considerations of residual energy costs.

Clean Ocean Water - Quantum technology provides the abundant energy necessary for new methods of collecting and processing an estimated 100 million tons of plastic material in ocean gyres.


People Deserve the Essentials

Electric power can raise the quality of life exponentially for under-developed, and poverty stricken communities around the globe.

Food, water, education and health services become accessible and practical with the help of unlimited energy resources having virtually no ongoing costs. Even to those without existing electrical infrastructure, these immeasurable benefits can now be provided at low costs through humanitarian aid funds.

Overpopulation and malnutrition can be eliminated if sustainable cost free energy is made available to irrigate and grow food crops. Vast arid deserts become lush, habitable and green once these technologies are used for a new age of agriculture.


Over the last century our lives have become increasingly complex and dependent upon technology and each other. We are coming to realize that the continuation of 20th century ideas will not provide for our continued long term survival much less reverse the trend of ongoing pollution and resource depletion. During the next few years it appears crucial we take steps to change course from where we've been headed.

There's no longer a question of whether or not we have the technology to solve the problems we've created on our planet. Isn't it time we become responsible stewards of our home?

The choice is our own.

Are we ready to choose?


Initial research and development of quantum powered electric generators has been accomplished and proven to be practical. Various prototype machines have been fabricated and used in real-world applications and were successful in providing reliable electric power for use by common electric appliances and loads.

Volume production and distribution is still left to be done. As the public is mostly unaware these technologies exist, Enlightened Technology has been tasked with informing and educating people who will benefit from clean, fuelless power.

Currently under construction is a portable demonstration machine that will be made available for public viewing and education. We've set a modest goal to raise funds to pay for the components and fabrication of this device. Once successful, we'll be launching additional campaigns to raise the more significant funds needed for mass production and distribution in the future.


Raise awareness of quantum energy technology, eliminating the need for resource based power,

Improve the quality of life for all of humanity and the planet's fragile ecosystems,

Transfer technology and know how to socially conscious businesses and organizations who maintain universal humanitarian ideals,

Timely distribution of viable energy technology to homes and needy communities worldwide,

Save substantial dollars reducing "dirty" electricity by adopting green power made right at home near where it's used.


Consisting of a network of volunteers, ET was founded in response to a basic need to educate the public and promote breakthrough technologies that are critical to our long term survival on the planet. Although many relevant technologies have been discovered over the previous century, a society whose education and beliefs do not allow for the existence of advanced devices restricts widespread use of otherwise life giving technology.

Tim Martin - Founder
Past success in technology industry includes founding a major regional internet provider in the 90's. Since then Tim has participated in advanced energy R&D and has been an active proponent of social liberty by advocation of new energy technology to all aspects of society.

Gregg Martin - Campaign Director
He believes no one should have to pay to live on a planet they were born on. His time is spent devoted to spreading the humanitarian ideals of a bright quantum energy future by putting his past experience in sales/marketing to good use.


Electricity - No Fuel Required

This is our vision for Now. We ask you to become involved by contributing to this cause.

Help us make this a reality!

Join Us!

What's so important about Quantum technology?

Quantum technology opens the door to wide ranging breakthrough possibilities. Few options exist that have the potential to change things so significantly for ourselves and especially for future generations. We can no longer afford to keep doing what we've been doing.

There are few areas of our lives that will not be positively impacted by the application of new quantum technologies to solve world problems. Abundant energy and pollution remediation are only the beginning of a significant shift away from outdated ways of scarcity and lack.

New technology also entails new thinking on how to introduce these revolutionary devices to benefit people everywhere. We must work in ways to help everyone on the planet or long term sustainablity will not be achievable.


Output: 100 watts to 40KW or more

Input fuel: None

Minimal upkeep

Est. cost $700 - $5000 in mass production

Very low environmental impact

Quiet operation

Minimal space required

Safe and efficient